1. hahaha

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  2. Checklist


    Slow burn? 5 seasons - CHECK!

    Awkward moments? Throwing a bottle of water - CHECK!

    Gaps between the words? *tree silence* - CHECK!

    So, essentially this episode sums up everything Norman has EVER said he’d want a Daryl romantic relationship to be.

    Caryl on.

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  3. I can’t talk about it.

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  4. "Carol almost splits in this episode….and then Daryl’s like ‘I found you’."
    — Chris Hardwick
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    He’s using his soft voice with her.


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    Chivalry 101 with Daryl Dixon

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    Just the fact that they intentionally left this awkward little water jug scene in the episode is very telling as far as what they are planning to do with Caryl in the future. 

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