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    Not happy with this. Not at all. But this was another request for "daryl leaning down to kiss Carol please?" :) 

    Also, I’m getting a ton of requests right now, guys, so I have to ask that you be a little patient with me. :3 I promise I will try to get to everyone as fast as I can. <3 

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  2. im bored so im doing questions :)

    1. Height: 5”7
    2. Picture? image

    3. Shoe size? 7
    4. Sexual Orientation: straight 
    5. Do you smoke? no
    6. Do you drink? no
    7. Do you take drugs? nooo
    8. Age you get mistaken for? people never ask haha
    9. Any tattoos? no
    10. Want any tattoos? yeah
    11. Any piercings? nope
    12. Want any piercings? nope
    13. Best friend? Brianna- for eight years! 
    14. Relationship status: single
    15. Biggest turn ons? guys with long hair hehe
    16. Biggest turn offs? when guys are dicks. period.
    17. Favorite movie? oh gosh probably boondock saints or the underworld series 
    18. Someone you miss? my best friend): she’s been downstate forever
    19. What I hate most about myself: prob my body or acne/: hatte it
    20. What I like most about myself: my eyes (sometimes lol)
    21. My relationship with my parents: verryyy important to me
    22. My relationship with my sibling(s): verryyy important to me also
    23. My biggest pet peeves: when people eat with their mouths open 
    24. What my last text message said? i was talking to my friend about caryl, lol i said exactly this: “so what does that sound like? idk maybe my otp going canon”
    25. Last thing I ate? a kit-kat 
    26. Ten facts about myself: I love to dance, I love riding horses, I am strongly devoted to all fictional things(comics, tv shows, books, etc) i love writing, I love drawing, I love animals, i find potty humor hilarious, i love music, i live for being with my family, and I have no social life, lol
    27. Favorite animal? horse 
    28. Where I would like to live: NEW YORK CITY BABY
    29. Favorite ice cream? prob chocolate chip cookie dough or just vanilla
    30. Celebrity I would love to meet and why? Melissa Mcbride, because she has a heart of gold and she is such a kind woman and tbh i wanna hug so bad
    31. My insecurities: my physical appearance 
    32. What I find attractive in Men/Women? men with long hair and when they’re kind. Like when you first meet them, they’re nice to you 
    33. Favorite quote: “there is no hope, and you know it now. Like I do… don’t you?” —Hershel Greene. Just because it has so much meaning and depth. Like what are we on this earth for? What is our purpose? Is hope a living thing? Or is it just a figment of our imagination created to make hope an option for our survival? deep i know
    34. Age: 16
    35. Top ten tv shows: 
    1)The walking dead
    6)Breaking Bad
    7)True Blood ( i like the books better )
    8)Teen Wolf
    9)The Mindy Project
    10)The Vampire Diaries— I haven’t watched it in a while…

    36. Top five favorite tumblr blogs:
    37. What I want to be when I grow up: I really want to be a police officer but most of all the best mom I can be 
    38. A book or film that changed my life: I have yet to find it
    39. Five bands that I like:
    1)The Pretty Reckless
    2)Black Sabbath
    4)Guns n Roses
    40. Three things I think about the most: The Walking Dead, Caryl, and The Walking Dead lol
    41. Five things I want to do before I die: 
    1)go to Paris
    2)make some kind of a global impact
    3)raise good kids
    …i’m stuck
    42. Favorite book? Sookie Stackhouse series!
    43. Favorite color? blue i think
    44. Last person you hugged? my grandma and grandpa
    45. Addiction: The walking dead (it’s serious)
    46. Hobbies: dancing, writing, acting, drawing
    47. Favorite band? The Pretty Reckless 
    48. Favorite singer? uhhhhhhh idk I’ll just say Norman and Melissa: “Carol is sterile and daryl is feral a match made in hell”
    49. Zodiac sign: Virgo
    50. eye color: light brown? brown? whatever it’s poop color
    51. hair color: Dark Brown
    52. Birthday? September 2nd, 1998
    53. Where were you three hours ago? sleeping HAH
    54. One food you hate: olives ew
    55. Biggest fear? not finding love
    56. How many followers do you have? umm like 190 
    57. Five people you find attractive:
    Matty Healy, Harry Styles(come on he is hot), Norman Reedus(good looking for his age, i’m not obsessed that’s just weird), Corey Graves(professional wrestler lol dont ask) idk who else 
    58. Top song played on your ipod? War pigs
    59. If you went back in time what would you change? nothing
    60. Have any pets? yes, two dogs, four cats, one tarantula, one ferret, one horse, and two rabbits :)
    61. Favorite subject in school? Englsih
    62. How is school? sucky
    63. Lucky number? i don’t have one..
    64. Your name: Cassandra Noelle Parker<—full name. But call me cassie lol please
    65. Favorite body feature? uhhh can i not have one?
    66. Favorite flower? Cherokee rose :3
    67. Cats or dogs? cats no dogs i cant choose 
    68. Boats or trains? boats
    69. People or animals? animals lol
    71. Favorite holiday? Christmas or Halloween 
    72. Favorite season? Summer
    73. Favorite candy? Kit-Kats
    74. Ten likes and ten dislikes: ugh i don’t feel like doing this one
    75. Self harmed? NO
    76. Worst mistake? umm
    77. Last time you cried? last night
    78. Any scars? yes, one on my toe from breaking a lava lamp lolol and one on my ankle from falling off a dirtbike 
    79. Best day of your life? when my dad said he bought walker stalker tix
    80. Special talents: don’t have any… 
    81. Watch the movie or read the book? BOTH
    82. Obsession: TWD SORRY
    83. Kiss or hug? hug, kissing can be annoying if you’re not in the mood
    84. Ever dated someone? yess
    85. Do you love someone? yesssss
    86. Nicknames people call you: crabby cassie and assie lolol
    87. Favorite sport? ummm hockey
    88. Suicidal thoughts? noo
    89. If today was your last day on earth how would you spend it? my family and friends :)
    90. Something I would like to change about myself: many thingss
    91. Worst thing I’ve lied about: myself
    92. Best thing I’ve lied about: ?? since when is lying good?
    93. Favorite cuss word? hahahaha man probably ass or shit
    94. One of my bad habits: probably looking for split ends hahah
    95. Favorite childhood toy? a plush lamb i called lamby
    96. Story of my first kiss? at homecoming… oh god it was horrible
    97. Favorite celebrity? ummmmm melissa mcbride. But I don’t think of her as a celebrity, just a popular person lol ♥
    98. What I’m doing tomorrow: ab so lutely nothing
    99. Favorite disney movie? beauty and the beast 
    100. If you could be any animal what would it be? HORSE

    i didn’t reread this so sorry if there’s mistakes haha


  3. hello my name is cassie,
    I’m 16 years old
    and I ship caryl

    no… I don’t just ship it..

    I luxury cruise that shit.

    (hence my name) *cackles*


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    So I’m watching the Talking Dead with MMB after the Grove and I just realized something…

    Now that Norman has pretty much confirmed a Caryl bottle episode… Can we highly suspect we might get a McReedus Talking Dead????

    Omg!!! And if the 3rd guest is Yvette… Eeeek!!!

    Dear Yvette,

    I will personally give you a USS Caryl shirt AND a spiffy hat if you will promise to harass them with ALL THE CARYL QUESTIONS!!!


    Capt. Janne

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    Getting closer and closer guyssssssss

    for some reason this makes me uncomfortable lool

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  7. I was bored so I made some edits of the flawless cast,
    I made a lot more but I will post them tomorrow :)


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    Bath time for Caryl. xD 

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    Guys remember the spoiler/rumour about carol outside terminus in a bloody overcoat and the trailer showing her face and hair smeared red, well it seems we know how carol gets into terminus!! That is def her in the middle with a sheet over her if you look close you see the boots!!!


    That does look like Carol…..if it is her, she’s probably holding a gun under the sheet.  She has got nerves of steel, walking in there with like that.

    Long live badass McBride

    OMG carryoncaryl you totally win the internet for spotting this! Fecking genius! It absolutely IS Carol. And it fits with several other bits in the trailer I think are related to her. Okay I’m excited now, to watch Carol kick ass and take names. 

    Sweet baby jesus. IT IS CAROL.  I can’t believe they definitely made her such badass i mean she was enough badass for me in season 4 but in season 5 she is going to surpass even Michonne. 

    kaoscraze82 allidon you two seeing this?!

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  10. The Walking Dead Cast and Producers // San Diego Comic Con // 2014 ♥♥

    p e r f e c t i o n

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