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    My daughter requested shaped pancakes for dinner. She got a dinosaur… I wasn’t aloud to make plain circles for myself, so I made sorta Cherokee Roses…

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    Is there any fanfic where carol and daryl die together?
    Today I’ve been thinking that if someone’s gonna die I want them to die in the same scene, in a battle, both of them fighting and saying their last words to each other. A beautiful and tragic ending.
    I seriously don’t want daryl to cry for carol or the other way around.
    Of course this is a distant future thing. Now I want my reunion.

    I’m going to leave Bsparrow’s soul killer right here.

    I wrote that in November so the story line is a little rusty, but hey. 


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    But guys, the barn scene after Carol says “I can’t lose you too.” He genuinely looks like he’s going to grab her and kiss her like NOW KISS PLS


  5. And so you’re completely in the dark as to what’s going to happen next season?

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    I was bored at school so I drew some cherokee roses on my arm. I added some Caryl quotes and decided to finish one up too 

    Some are a little messy though

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    Carol had made herself comfortable lying on the flat concrete of the guard tower, one leg and one arm dangling off the edge of the platform. Daryl was vigilant as ever standing against the rails, eyes on the perimeter, but it had been so quiet since the last herd passed through. There were only three, maybe four walkers out there in total.

    The sky was blue overhead on that lazy afternoon, smattered with fluffy chunks of clouds. They were too amorphous and Carol was too tired to imagine what they were shaped like, but they did remind her of something.

    "I miss cotton candy," she broke the hour long comfortable silence between them.

    "…What?" was Daryl’s perplexed response.

    "Cotton candy," she swiveled her head across the concrete to look at him.

    Daryl looked at her, then glanced out from under the shade of the tower at the clouds. He snorted, shook his head, and looked at the clouds again.

    "I miss good weed."

    Well, she supposed the clouds kinda looked like that too.

    She chuckled, “Oh!” She pointed at him, “First the weed, THEN the cotton candy.”

    He bobbed his head, shifting his hold on the crossbow, “There you go.”

    She hummed lightly to herself, looking up at the clouds again.

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    I’m telling you, the woman is blatantly checking out his package.  Twice.  (Can you blame her?) 

    She liked what she saw so much she had to come back for seconds.

    Reblogging for psychoanthrowalker, who requested photographic proof.

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    Oh cool there’s Melissa being lovely taking a pic with a fireman wait there is a fire at the back THERE’S FIRE AT THE BACK


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